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Abdulle, Zakaria Somali Centre for Culture and Recreation Chair Toronto ON CANADA
Abu Qubu, Bdour ULI Toronto Senior Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Ackerman, Michelle KD Infrastructure LP Consultant, Infrastructure Development Toronto ON CANADA
Adamu, Patience AECON Group Inc. Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Etobicoke ON CANADA
Adhia, Rabiya Cadillac Fairview CANADA
Agostino, Remo The Daniels Corporation Vice President, Development Etobicoke ON CANADA
Ahluwalia , Sumeet Daniels Toronto ON CANADA
Ast, Emmalee BTY Group Project Consultant Port Moody BC CANADA
Baker, Kumsa Toronto Community Benefits Network Director North York ON CANADA
Banga, Prabh K. AECON Group Inc. Senior Director, Sustainability Etobicoke ON CANADA
Barkan, Anya Multiplex Construction Canada Ltd Sustainability Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Barnes, Catharine Northcrest Developments Toronto ON CANADA
Beaudoin, Justin kg&a Toronto ON CANADA
Beaumont, Kathleen Forum Asset Management CANADA
Bennett, Lanrick The Laneway Project CANADA
Bercasio, Isabel RGC VP Multi-family Development Woodbridge ON CANADA
Blackburn, Daron The Daniels Corporation Toronto ON CANADA
Blake, Sean Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario Representative Woodbridge ON CANADA
Bringeland, Carley Vancity Community Investment Bank Toronto CANADA
Brown, Chloe Pandora Policy Development Lab Toronto ON CANADA
Brown, Robyn Arcadis IBI Group Director - Sr. Practice Lead, Planning Toronto ON CANADA
Cascante, Isabel United Way Greater Toronto Director, Research, Public Policy and Evaluation Toronto ON CANADA
Castel, Mary Urban Strategies Inc. Partner, Director, Business Development + Communications Toronto ON CANADA
Caverley, Scott Fengate Property Mgmt. Attention: Linda McVea Sr. VP Leasing & Asset Management Oakville ON CANADA
Chambers, Madeline CP Planning Communications Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Chan, Jane TAS Impact Director, Investor Relations Toronto ON CANADA
Chiefari, Christina Maria Toronto Metropolitan University MPl in Urban Development Candidate Toronto ON CANADA
Chow, Marco The Daniels Corporation Design Coordinator Mississauga ON CANADA
Chute, Laura Urban Equation OTTAWA ON CANADA
Colvin, Carolynn First Capital REIT Director Operations, GTA West Toronto ON CANADA
Cooney, Shane Mattamy Homes Senior Vice President Development Concord ON CANADA
Coyle, Tomas BTY Group PM Toronto ON CANADA
Curtis, Thameena ULI Toronto Toronto ON CANADA
Daly-Buajitti, Melissa CBRE Client Solutions Manager Scarborough ON CANADA
Delicaet, Kathleen E Graywood Developments Senior Associate, Corporate Development Toronto ON CANADA
Deshmukh, Soham Vikas Schulich School of Business Student - Master of Management Toronto ON CANADA
Dewan, Karamvir Schulich School of Business Student North York ON CANADA
Dhillon, Amreen Kaur Ryerson University Woodbridge ON CANADA
Doering, Alycia CP Planning Urban Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Dow, Leah Arcadis IBI Group Urban Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Druhan, Colin Pride at Work Canada CANADA
Dunford, Eric Pratus Group CANADA
Duranai-Khan, Ahmad-Shah DuraNet Enterprises Inc. CEO and Head Coach Mississauga ON CANADA
Eby, Christopher Northcrest Developments Executive Vice President Toronto ON CANADA
Efremov, Ivan Fengate Asset Management CANADA
Fairbrother, Jaime- Leigh Northwest Healthcare Properties Director, Marketing and Communications Toronto ON CANADA
Fang-Denissov, Christine Toronto ON CANADA
Farvolden, Judy University of Toronto Executive Director Toronto ON CANADA
Feidler, Danielle SVP, Brand Experience Toronto ON CANADA
Finkelstein, Riva Argyle Senior Director, Sustainable Value York ON CANADA
Folkins, Chris Quinn and Partners Consultant Toronto ON CANADA
Francis, Mark David Toronto Metropolitan University Architectural Designer + Installation Artist Toronto ON CANADA
G, Rahul The Mitchell Partnership Inc. CANADA
Gillin, Elizabeth The Daniels Corporation Director, Development Toronto ON CANADA
Goetz, Laura Quinn and Partners Analyst Toronto ON CANADA
Gopaul, Stefan SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd Project Manager | Microclimate Engineer KITCHENER ON CANADA
Goring, Derek Northcrest Developments Executive Vice President, Development Toronto ON CANADA
Guizzetti, Lauren Empire Communities CANADA
Gyaltsan, Lhanzi University of Toronto Newcastle ON CANADA
Hafen, Mark Radley Part-time Consultant Urban & Environmental Planner/Policy Analyst Scarborough ON CANADA
Hall, Maggie Tridel Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist Toronto ON CANADA
Hanecak, Ian Colton Northcrest Developments Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Hardy, Christopher University of Toronto Master of Architecture Toronto ON CANADA
Harrington, Paddy Frontier Design Inc. Founder Toronto ON CANADA
Harris, Darnel City of Toronto Advisor, Planning & Community Resilience Toronto ON CANADA
Harris, Evelyn EllisDon CANADA
Hazari, Mehr Mattamy Homes Associate Land Development Manager Concord ON CANADA
Heaney, Joanne Independent Consultant CANADA
Holczer, Noemi Fengate Capital Management Investment Analyst Toronto ON CANADA
Horowitz, Cory DIALOG Senior Urban Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Hume, Tracy Anne Northwest Healthcare Properties Director, Sustainability - Canada Calgary AB CANADA
Husain, Fariha CreateTO Toronto ON CANADA
Jalalian, Dorsa DIALOG Senior Urban Designer Toronto ON CANADA
James, Royson Toronto West Seventh-Day Adventist Church Etobicoke ON CANADA
Jaroszonek, Monika RATIO.CITY CEO Toronto ON CANADA
Jassem, Elizabeth MSc, (HBSc) Architecture, Urban Planning, IDOME (ID) Integrated Development LTD., C-DAC Impact Partners & (YC SSC) YC Seniors Steering Community Founder & CCO (Chief Creating Officer) Toronto ON CANADA
John-Baptiste, Chad Benedict WSP Director - Planning, Ontario Maple ON CANADA
Jolly, Julia Toronto ON CANADA
Joseph, Evin Oxford Properties Group Analyst Markham ON CANADA
Joy, Richard ULI Toronto Executive Director Toronto ON CANADA
Kalbfleisch, Paul PAUL Consulting President Waterloo ON CANADA
Karamarkovic, Aleks Graywood Developments VP, Corporate Development Toronto ON CANADA
Karvonen, Caroline SmartCentres CANADA
Khan, Aiman Tridel Toronto ON CANADA
Khan, Jennifer EllisDon Corporation Mississauga ON CANADA
Kheraj, Salima GEC Architecture Partner Toronto ON CANADA
Kitchen, Susan City of Toronto CANADA
Klein, Leslie M BDP Quadrangle Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Krempulec, Colleen hazelview Toronto ON CANADA
Kubey, Karen University of Toronto Assistant Professor, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design Toronto ON CANADA
Kulkarni, Praneti STEPS Public Art Agency Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Kwan, Lindsay United Way Greater Toronto Communications Manager - Media Relations Toronto ON CANADA
Lakhani, Naeem The Daniels Corporation North York ON CANADA
Lamenza, Lavinia Lamenza Corporation CEO and President Mississauga ON CANADA
Lane, Stephanie Geranium Markham ON CANADA
Lee, Chantal LEA Consulting Ltd. Transportation Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Lima, Thais The Co-operators Group Ltd. Sr Manager, Insights and Performance Management Toronto ON CANADA
Liu, Michael Amdev Property Group Planning & Development Assistant Toronto ON CANADA
Lo, Samantha Borden Ladner Gervais Toronto ON CANADA
Loveday, Stephen DIALOG Urban Designer Toronto ON CANADA
Madar, Indi Choice Properties Limited Partnership Senior Manager, Social Impact Toronto ON CANADA
Marr, Garry Washington DC UNITED STATES
Marshall, Charles DIALOG Toronto ON CANADA
Matutinovic, Luka Purpose Building Inc Principal Toronto ON CANADA
McKibbon, Kelsey Daniels Social Impact Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Melnyk, Rebecca REMI Network North York ON CANADA
Minz, Alexis Daniels Toronto ON CANADA
Mohammadi, Aytakin Northcrest Developments Director, Impact & Engagement Toronto ON CANADA
Morgado, Rachna Fengate Property Mgmt. Attention: Linda McVea AVP Property Management Oakville ON CANADA
Mousa, Michael DIALOG Toronto ON CANADA
Muere, Angelica Choice Properties Limited Partnership Director, Social Impact, Marketing & Communications Toronto ON CANADA
Muir, John MREI - Schulich Student Toronto ON CANADA
Muise, Samuel Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Toronto ON CANADA
Mukherjee, Gautam Houselink and Mainstay Community Housing Executive Director Toronto ON CANADA
Murray, Patrick Omar Waterford Property Group Corporate Services Ottawa ON CANADA
Muzaffar, Saira BTY Director Toronto ON CANADA
Myers, Jamaal City of Toronto Councillor Toronto ON CANADA
Nallaiah, Sophia EllisDon Corporation Project Manager Mississauga ON CANADA
Natu, Harsh RioCan REIT Sustainability Analyst Toronto ON CANADA
Nayyar, Ridhima RioCan REIT Toronto ON CANADA
Neubauer, Joshua Urban Strategies Inc. Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Ng, Kevin Rick Hansen Foundation Director, Technical and Program Content Toronto ON CANADA
Ni, Roxanne Brookfield Asset Management Director Toronto ON CANADA
Nichol, Sherene Toronto Community Benefit Network Intake Assessment Referral Coordinator North York ON CANADA
Nolan, Mark Multiplex Construction Canada Ltd Senior Manager SHEQ - Canadian Region Toronto ON CANADA
O'Malley, Lauren AECON Group Inc. Coordinator, Sustainability Etobicoke ON CANADA
Omarkhail, Heela The Daniels Corporation Vice President, Social Impact Toronto ON CANADA
Papernick, Joshua The Daniels Corporation Toronto ON CANADA
Parsons, Marcel First Capital REIT Vice President, Asset Strategy Toronto ON CANADA
Patel, Sameer Tate Economic Research Vice President Toronto ON CANADA
Paul, Sarah Frontier Ottawa ON CANADA
Petricca, Claudene Global Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG CANADA
Pirani, Jasmin Timbercreek Communities Director, Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility Toronto ON CANADA
Platt, Alison The Daniels Corporation Director, Development Toronto ON CANADA
Poirier, Isabelle Kilmer Group Senior VP, Innovation and Communication Saint-Laurent QC CANADA
Powell, Rosemarie Toronto Community Benefits Net Executive Director Toronto ON CANADA
Pringle, Tony Quinn and Partners Toronto ON CANADA
Qin, Lisa Frontier Ottawa ON CANADA
Rekab, Sam BTY Group Project Consultant Toronto ON CANADA
Rhamey-Smith, Nick Weston Consulting Vaughan ON CANADA
Richardson, Mark Rich Analytics CTO Toronto ON CANADA
Ritacca, Anna BEL+RIT urbanism Principal & Strategic Advisor Toronto ON CANADA
Rizvi, Amina Toronto ON CANADA
Roberts, Ailey BentallGreenOak Vice President, Sustainable Investing Toronto ON CANADA
Robins, Abby United Way Greater Toronto Senior Manager, Communications Toronto ON CANADA
Rossi, Toni Infrastructure Ontario President, Real Estate Division Toronto ON CANADA
Rottenberg-Walker, Cyndi Urban Strategies Inc. Partner Toronto ON CANADA
Rowntree, Kyla RWDI Global Market and Sector Sales Coordinator - Buildings Guelph ON CANADA
Rybak, Alexandra ULI Toronto Senior Director Toronto ON CANADA
Salam, Saad York CANADA
Sandhu, Ryan Schulich - MREI Toronto CANADA
Savuntharanthan, Jananee University of Toronto Mississauga-Institute for Mgt & Innovation Mississauga ON CANADA
Saya, Fatima The Daniels Corporation Manager of Community Partnerships Toronto ON CANADA
Sellors, Laura Frontier Design Inc. CEO Toronto ON CANADA
Sgro, Andrew First Gulf Corporation Director, Development Toronto ON CANADA
Sheehan, Marina Northcrest Developments Toronto ON CANADA
Shortall, Kristy Northcrest Developments VP - Planning and Development Toronto ON CANADA
Silver, Tara University of Toronto CANADA
Sim, Mark Fengate Asset Management Development Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Simesso Denga , Lensa Toronto Community Benefit Network Career Coach North York ON CANADA
Simon, Aileen John Howard Society of Ontario Education & Strategic Initiatives Coordinator Toronto ON CANADA
St. Louis-McBurnie, Keisha Urban Strategies Inc. Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Stankovic, Irena Tricon Residential Inc Toronto ON CANADA
Stern, Denise The Co-operators Group Ltd. AVP, Business, Aligned Services & Strategy Enablement Toronto ON CANADA
Stoiko, Alex BTY Group CANADA
Sukhram, Jason Quinn and Partners Toronto ON CANADA
Tang, Flora Flora Mattamy Homes Associate Land Development Manager Scarborough ON CANADA
Taran, Angela Schulich Business School Toronto ON CANADA
Ten, Irina Multiplex Construction Canada Ltd HR Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Tran, Jinny Northcrest Developments Development Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Trudeau, Ian Entuitive Senior Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Turgeon, Julia Brookfield Toronto ON CANADA
Uli, Marissa Irene ULI Toronto Toronto ON CANADA
Ungard, Katie QuadReal Property Group Toronto ON CANADA
Uy, Richmond CP Planning CANADA
van Opbergen, Denyse EllisDon Corporation Corporate Sustainability Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Vanderkooy, Caitlin Infrastructure Ontario CANADA
Vargas, Federico United Way Greater Toronto Associate Manager, Strategic Initiatives Toronto ON CANADA
Virata, Jennevieve Fengate Asset Management Marketing and Communications Manager, Real Estate Toronto ON CANADA
von Etzdorf, Justin RiskCheck CANADA
Wichin, Harriet Miles Nadal JCC Executive Director Toronto ON CANADA
Wong, Denise Brookfield Office Properties Toronto ON CANADA
Woods, Shannon Oxford Properties Group Toronto ON CANADA
Xie, Helen Mattamy Homes Development Manager, GTU Toronto ON CANADA
Yang, Annie Northcrest Developments Development Coordinator Toronto ON CANADA
Yao, Leslie York University CANADA
Young, Jasmine Zonda Urban Vice President Advisory, Canada Toronto ON CANADA
Yousaf, Reza Wall Street Oasis CANADA
Zanotti, Daniele United Way Greater Toronto Toronto ON CANADA
Zhao, Bo EllisDon Corporation Student Toronto ON CANADA