ULI Memphis YLG Spotlight Series | Construction Management w/Mersadies Burch

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Alexander, Faye Martin IRS Grosse Pointe MI UNITED STATES
Barrera, Sara Downtown Memphis Commission Development Project Manager Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Bellow, Matthew Universal Commercial Memphis TN UNITED STATES
DiNolfo, John Anthony cnct. design + development Philadelphia PA UNITED STATES
Fava, Dominic Alexander DT-Design Studio Landscape Designer Collierville TN UNITED STATES
Golmeeva, Nelli Grinder, Taber & Grinder Inc. Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Haley, LaWanda cafth Youth Housing Navigator UNITED STATES
Herrington, Brandon Craig Montgomery Martin Contractors Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Holloway, Jason Henning TN UNITED STATES
Hugo, Alex Bingham Realty Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Jones, Andre Jones Urban Development Owner Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Jones, Brandi Blight Authority of Memphis Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Lee, Keith D. Independent Artist, Researcher, and Consultant Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Meeks, Tonya ULI Memphis Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Miller, Davartay Dalhoff Thomas Design, LLC UNITED STATES
Miller, Miles M KPS Development Partners, LLC Project Manager Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Morris, Alexis Cordova TN UNITED STATES
Murrell, Zipporia Memphis Mecca UNITED STATES
Nash, LaToya Michele Memphis, Tennessee Attorney and Managing Member of ten | 2 Real Estate Development Law Firm, PLLC Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Newman, Marcus C Private Investor Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Niblock, Kevin Malasri Engineering PLLC Assistant Project Manager Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Palazzolo, Mike Alexander City of Germantown Germantown TN UNITED STATES
Pope, Melissa SESCO Lighting UNITED STATES
Taylor, Meredith International Paper Sustainability Manager Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Tinnin, Travis Memphis Medical District Collaborative Program Coordinator, Real Estate UNITED STATES
Turner, Joell Turners Point UNITED STATES
Valera , Victor Valera Homes UNITED STATES
Wade, Stephanie Self+Tucker Architects CEO San Juan PR UNITED STATES
Willis, Alan ComCap Partners UNITED STATES
Ye, Michelle Dalhoff Thomas Design, LLC Memphis TN UNITED STATES
Young, Natalie Dalhoff Thomas Design, LLC UNITED STATES