ULI Toronto: Urbanizing Suburbia: The Nordic Solution

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Abidin, Stefan HOK Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Abma, Geoff Town of Oakville Policy Planner Oakville ON CANADA
Ackermann, Paul City of Brampton Network, Solution and Security Architect Brampton ON CANADA
Adade, Jason Brampton ON CANADA
Adegeest, Jan gh3 Toronto ON CANADA
Aery, Anupama Brampton ON CANADA
Akiwenzie, Leah Marie Ryerson University Undergraduate Student Brampton ON CANADA
Ako-Manieson, Theo Brampton ON CANADA
Al-Attar, Akram Integrated Planning & Design Consultant Waterloo ON CANADA
Al-Dajani, Lina SvN Architects + Planners Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Allin, Mary Ann Brampton Library Board Board Member Brampton ON CANADA
Almasri, Nada City of Brampton Urban Designer Brampton ON CANADA
Amida, Kate Brampton ON CANADA
Andrews, Marc Peel Regional Police Deputy Chief Mississauga ON CANADA
Arora, Pulkit GENERALI GLOBAL HEALTH Head of Digital transformation Brampton ON CANADA
Bacani, Stephanie SmartCentres Development Associate Vaughan ON CANADA
Bahy, Dalia City of Brampton Urban Designer Brampton ON CANADA
Bailey, Peter Anthony Brampton ON CANADA
Balram, Anand Brampton ON CANADA
Bamonte, Thomas Social Media Manager East York ON CANADA
Barei Fabris, Calla Lily Ryerson University School of Urban & Regional Planning Ottawa ON CANADA
Beg, Absar Lifelong Group of Companies President Pickering ON CANADA
Bejnar, Christopher CFBB- Citizens For a Better Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
Berry, Josh W Anatolia Capital Corp. Land Planner Brampton ON CANADA
Beuglet, Nicole Brook Pooni Associates Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Bhavsar, Shailza Kaushik WZMH Intern Architect Toronto ON CANADA
Biolley, D. Elias City of Mississauga - Park Planning Mississauga ON CANADA
Bjerke, Bob City of Brampton Director of Policy Planning Brampton ON CANADA
Blat, Monika Toronto ON CANADA
Borbridge, Richard Metrolinx New Stations Sponsor Toronto ON CANADA
Bouwhuis, Ron Nework Creative Communications Principal Brampton ON CANADA
Breveglieri, David City of Mississauga, Planning and Building Development Planner Mississauga ON CANADA
Brogantz , Alex Principled Advisor Group Analyst-Consultant New-Build Multi-Residential Properties Toronto ON CANADA
Brown, Dwayne E.C. KAI Group Consultant Mississauga ON CANADA
Brown, Patrick City of Brampton Leader Toronto ON CANADA
Bulfon, Vanessa RioCan REIT Toronto ON CANADA
Burda, Cherise Ryerson City Building Institute Executive Director Toronto ON CANADA
Butrimas, Jakob Turner & Townsend Consultant Toronto ON CANADA
Cabanilla, Orlando Kirkor Architects Sr. Proj. Architect Toronto ON CANADA
Cadeau, Rob architectsAlliance Senior Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Cadogan, Monique Metrolinx Office Administrator Toronto ON CANADA
Cadogan, Ted PPL Aquatic, Fitness & Spa Group Inc. Fitness Division Manager Mississauga ON CANADA
Cameron, Stuart Martin University of Guelph Student Guelph ON CANADA
Carlsson, Matt Ragnar Morrison Hershfield Limited Toronto ON CANADA
Caruso, Carmen City of Brampton Planner, Development Brampton ON CANADA
Cevada, Luis Miguel Menkes Developments Ltd Project Manager Brampton ON CANADA
Chan Smyth, Hannah Ryerson University Toronto ON CANADA
Charles, Gabe Town of Oakville Senior Manager, Planning Services Oakville ON CANADA
Cheung, Clarissa City of Brampton Urban Design Intern Brampton ON CANADA
Chew, Ken Yee City of Brampton Urban Design Intern Richmond BC CANADA
Chludzinska, Joanna City of Toronto - North York Ofice Planner Urban Design Toronto ON CANADA
Chmelyk, Patti None Brampton ON CANADA
Chmelyk, Stan Brampton ON CANADA
Co, Sweeny & The Six Real Estate Developments Inc. President Toronto ON CANADA
Cogan, Nick Marcus & Millichap Senior Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Collens, Michael Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Toronto ON CANADA
Cooke, Michael City of Windsor Manager of Planning Policy/Deputy City Planner Windsor ON CANADA
Cooney, Shane Adi Development Group Burlington CANADA
Cooper, Pam City of Brampton Manager, Land Use Policy Brampton ON CANADA
cooper, samantha Thornhill ON CANADA
Corbilla, Neil Q4 Architects North York ON CANADA
Corcoran, Margaret Ms Brampton ON CANADA
Costa, Tristan City of Brampton Planner Brampton ON CANADA
Craig, Dave Mississauga ON CANADA
Crozier, Carolyn City of Brampton Manager, Development Services Brampton ON CANADA
Cruceru, Ana City of Hamilton Urban Designer Hamilton ON CANADA
D, Tim Toronto ON CANADA
Davey, Pitsa Sheridan College Senior Manager, Campus Planning Oakville ON CANADA
Davidson, Jenna Student Toronto ON CANADA
de Boer, Aaron City of Brampton GIS Analyst Brampton ON CANADA
de Wet, Suzelle Turner & Townsend Associate Director / Cost Management Toronto ON CANADA
DeCicco, Cathie Brampton ON CANADA
Dhoot, Parmin Singh Sheridan College Project Coordinator, Campus Planning Oakville ON CANADA
Dickson, Lauren May Guelph ON CANADA
Djabarouti, Behnaz Toronto ON CANADA
Donnelly, Steve IBI Group Associate Toronto ON CANADA
Dore, Shannon University of Guelph Student Guelph ON CANADA
Doss, Suresh CBC Food Critic Toronto ON CANADA
Drew, Chris Devine Park LLP Land Use Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Drumond, Sonya City of Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
D'Souza, Averyl Mississauga ON CANADA
Duckworth-Pilkington, Peter ZAS Architects Inc. Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Dykstra, Stephen City of Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
Edan, Tina Maytree Toronto ON CANADA
Emery, Mark Weston Consulting President Concord ON CANADA
Escobar, Juan Camilo Brampton ON CANADA
Eshesh, Shahinaz City of Brampton Assistant Policy Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Esmaeili, Reza REMAX Land Division Land Broker Thornhill ON CANADA
Feng, Larissa Ryerson University Ms. Toronto Ontario CANADA
Ferro, David City of Mississauga Mississauga ON CANADA
Fiorani, Francesco Urban Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Francis, Natalie Brampton ON CANADA
Fraser, Chris Moveable Inc. Chief Finder Toronto ON CANADA
Gaboury, Jude Town of Halton Hills Landscape Architect Georgetown ON CANADA
Ganesan, Arumuga Region of Peel Co-Op Student Brampton ON CANADA
Garcia, Jorge IBI Group Architect Toronto ON CANADA
Gardner, Akeem Atlas 365 Mississauga ON CANADA
Garforth, Peter Garforth International llc Principal Toledo OH UNITED STATES
GAUM, BEN Projekt Studio Architects Inc Principal - Architect, OAA Toronto ON CANADA
George, Tina Susan Master's student, University of Guelph Barrie ON CANADA
Ghadge, Kanchan University of Waterloo Kitchener ON CANADA
Godefroy, Suzy Lynne Downtown Brampton BIA Executive Director Brampton ON CANADA
Goring, Derek First Gulf Corporation Senior Vice President, Development Toronto ON CANADA
Gortat, Andrzej M ZAS Architects Inc. Toronto ON CANADA
Gow, Susan Brampton ON CANADA
Graham, Kelly SvN Architects + Planners Toronto ON CANADA
Greenberg, Eti Greenberg Consultant Inc. Toronto ON CANADA
Greenberg, Ken Greenberg Consultants Inc. Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Gregoire, Danielle Land Art Design Landscape Architects Inc. Business Development Specialist Niagara Falls ON CANADA
Grgas, Dane Renodane City Builder York ON CANADA
Guidolin, Therese Brampton ON CANADA
Gulati, Rajat Ashish The City of Brampton Coordinator, Strategic Realty Services Brampton ON CANADA
Gupta, Akhil North York ON CANADA
Gupta, Amit City of Brampton Advisor, Business Planning and Analysis Brampton ON CANADA
Gupta, Ashok Meridian Credit Union Regional Vice President Brampton ON CANADA
Gupta, Tarun Toronto Investment Real Estate (c/o Royal LePage Commercial) Sales Representative North York ON CANADA
Hadfield, Gary Global Unified Solution Services Mississauga ON CANADA
Halsall, Peter Purpose Building Inc. Partner Toronto ON CANADA
Hanna, Devyn Brampton ON CANADA
Head, Mark Peel Region Brampton ON CANADA
Hignett, Jeffery HW York Region Senior Planner: Centres, Corridors, and Subways Newmarket ON CANADA
Hogan, Jill Town of Milton Director, Planning Policy & Urban Design Milton ON CANADA
Houle, Simon Student - Humber College Brampton ON CANADA
Ho-Wong, Arthur Devine Park LLP Land Use Planning and Development Lawyer Toronto ON CANADA
Hoy, Michael City of Brampton Supervisor, Environmental Planning Brampton ON CANADA
Hubel, Tiina IBI Group Toronto ON CANADA
Hui, Annika Arup Toronto ON CANADA
Huissoon, Marina Green Propeller Design Milton ON CANADA
Isaac, Andrew Dream Asset Management Corp. Manager, Debt Toronto ON CANADA
Isackson, Jason Halio North America Toronto ON CANADA
Jafferji, Jose Savvy Real Estate Group Director Mississauga ON CANADA
Jain, Sameer CreateTO Toronto ON CANADA
Jallow, Aisha City of Brampton Policy Planner Intern Brampton ON CANADA
Janetakes, Janice Ruth Toronto ON CANADA
Jenkins, Dana City of Brampton Planner, Development Brampton ON CANADA
Joashi, Hrnakshi Brampton ON CANADA
Johnsen, Asle Ingmar Aiwell Water AS CEO VEAR NORWAY
Johnston, Jocelyn City of Brampton Manager of Theatre Brampton ON CANADA
Juknevicius, Romas City of Mississauga, Planning and Building Development Mississauga ON CANADA
Kakaflikas, Christina City of Markham Manager of Economic Development Markham ON CANADA
Kanellopoulos, John Kallo Developments Vice President Brampton ON CANADA
Kanellopoulos, Tom Kallo Developments Vice President Brampton ON CANADA
karafiov, jessica University of Guelph Guelph ON CANADA
Kason, Donald Canlight Management Inc. President Mississauga ON CANADA
Kassaris, Stav City of Brampton Environmental Planner Brampton ON CANADA
Kassiedass, Sanathan Metrolinx Senior Advisor, Mobility Integration Toronto ON CANADA
Kavuma, George W.S. Brampton ON CANADA
Kelemen, Jana Burlington ON CANADA
Kernaghan, Evan Adi Development Group Burlington CANADA
Koshy, Laly Homelife Maple Leaf Realty Ltd Real Estate Sales Person Brampton ON CANADA
Kuemmling, Werner City of Brampton Manager of Parks and Open Space Brampton ON CANADA
Kuhail, sima University of Guelph MLA Student Guelph ON CANADA
Kumar , Sunil City of Toronto - North York Ofice North York ON CANADA
Labrada, Montse University of Saskatchewan Researcher Guelph CANADA
Laevens-Van West, Donna Brampton ON CANADA
Laing, David Dayle Laing Interior Designs I Brampton ON CANADA
Laing, Dayle Dayle McIntosh Center BRAMPTON ON CANADA
Laing, Dayle Dayle McIntosh Center BRAMPTON ON CANADA
Lakeman, Brian City of Brampton Transportation Planner - Policy Brampton ON CANADA
Laksono, Ionna Turner Estimating Engineer Toronto ON CANADA
Lambie, Jordan City of Barrie Senior Urban Design Planner Barrie ON CANADA
Latafat, Faran Core Development Group Executive Vice President Toronto ON CANADA
Lataille, Wendy Brampton ON CANADA
Latimer, Greg studioCANOO Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Lau, Lana Brampton ON CANADA
Lee, Josie Colliers Project Leaders Toronto ON CANADA
Legrain, Alex City of Mississauga Transportation and Works Division Transportation Planner Mississauga ON CANADA
Li, Edwin City of Toronto Planner Toronto ON CANADA
Liberatore, Joseph M. City of Richmond Hill Development Planner Richmond Hill ON CANADA
Liberatore, Joseph Marco City of Richmond Hill Richmond Hill ON CANADA
Lister, Eric Brampton ON CANADA
Llewelln-Thomas, Brett Nova Ridge Development Toronto ON CANADA
Lord, Fraser SLR Consulting Toronto ON CANADA
Lukasik, Laura City of Brampton Manager, Tourism Brampton ON CANADA
Madhani, Jameel B. Transit Capital Corporation Chief Executive Officer Toronto ON CANADA
Madi, Harold Urbanism by Design Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Majeed, Malik City of Brampton Planner 3 - Policy Brampton ON CANADA
Manett, Michael S. MPLAN Inc. Principal Thornhill ON CANADA
Mann, Jacqueline Clark Consulting Services Port Hope ON CANADA
Marland, Ruth City of Mississauga City Planning Strategies Division Mississauga ON CANADA
Marrello, Mary Home & Condo Market, Brokerage Partner Etobicoke ON CANADA
Marrello, Peter City of Brampton Toronto CANADA
Martel, Sydney Strybos Barron King LTD Landscape Designer/ Project Manager Toronto ON CANADA
Martins, Lucas Glen Morris ON CANADA
McCavour, Thomas Toronto ON CANADA
McDonald, Dodie Home & Condo Market, Brokerage Toronto ON CANADA
McDonald, Greg Oakville ON CANADA
McInnes, Caleigh City of Mississauga Junior Planner Toronto ON CANADA
McKay, Alexandra Colliers International Real Estate Land Advisor Markham ON CANADA
McKay, Melissa Stafford Developments Inc. Vice President, Planning and Development Toronto ON CANADA
McNeill, Andrew Donald City of Brampton Strategic Leader Brampton ON CANADA
Menezes Roberts, Sylvia Brampton ON CANADA
Meng, Meg Toronto ON CANADA
Miles, Jennifer Brampton ON CANADA
Milligan, Zoe Brampton ON CANADA
Mohammed, Richard Riad City of Brampton Urban Design Intern Brampton ON CANADA
Moliis, Jani City of Helsinki Helsinki FINLAND
Morris, Chris ALA Architects Architect Helsinki FINLAND
Morrissey, Michael Senior Design & Development Advisor Toronto ON CANADA
Mullin, Ian Siemens Large Pursuits Strategic Account Executive Oakville ON CANADA
Narula, Chhavi Regional Municipality of York Brampton ON CANADA
Nayar, Ankush Motion mechanical Mechanical Estimator Brampton ON CANADA
Ngoda, David City of Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
Nickel, Valdemar NORR Architects Engineer Planners Toronto ON CANADA
Nievas, Mallory MES Recent Graduate and Community Worker Scarborough ON CANADA
Nyarko, Felix United Achievers Assistant Program Coordinator Brampton ON CANADA
O’Reilly, Ann Rose Brampton ON CANADA
Oldfield, Alan AECOM Manager, Acoustics Mississauga ON CANADA
Olenick, George Brampton CANADA
Ottaway, Nora Brampton ON CANADA
Palamara, Paolo Diamante Development Corporation president Toronto ON CANADA
Palmer, Jacqueline R Corp, City of Brampton Accountant Brampton ON CANADA
Park, Simmone Hermes Yorkville Real Estate Brokerage Toronto ON CANADA
Parsons, Catherine City of Mississauga City Planning Strategies Division Planner Mississauga ON CANADA
Parvu, Alecsandra CS&P Architects Architect Toronto ON CANADA
Pasha, Abdullah Khaiser Brampton ON CANADA
Pelech, Yurij Michael Bessant Pelech Associates Inc. Principal/Associate Planning Consultant Mississauga ON CANADA
Phan, Elle Brampton ON CANADA
Phan, Selina Oxford Properties Toronto ON CANADA
Pinard, Alain City of Kitchener Director pf Planning Kitchener ON CANADA
Primdahl, Carsten CEBRA Founding Partner & Architect Aarhus C DENMARK
Pulnicki, Eric Ireneusz City of Brampton Senior Manager, Digital Innovation & Information Technology BRAMPTON ON CANADA
Rai, Sony SvN Architects + Planners Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Rainey, Mike Brampton ON CANADA
Rains, Jenny Brampton ON CANADA
Rajk, Michael Wilson Tool Canada Mississauga ON CANADA
Rauscher, Colin Adi Development Group Burlington CANADA
Rea, Matthew Brampton ON CANADA
Reed, James Reed Realty Inc. Brampton ON CANADA
Richardson, Kevin Brampton ON CANADA
Rincon, Hugo Town of Milton Planner, Policy and Urban Designer Milton ON CANADA
roberton, chris Toronto ON CANADA
Ruggiero, Robert City of Mississauga, Planning and Building Development Toronto ON CANADA
Ruiz, Gloria City of Brampton Coordinator Brampton ON CANADA
Safi, Elaha Ryerson University Mississauga ON CANADA
Saini, Shawn Singh Prosense Realty, Brokerage Real Estate Broker Brampton ON CANADA
Sambi, Taran Singh Brampton ON CANADA
Sandhu, Roop City of Brampton Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Brampton ON CANADA
Saradakutty, Binu Brampton ON CANADA
Sarshar, Babak Format Group President/ Format Toronto ON CANADA
SAWCHYN, J. Sergei East York ON CANADA
Sawczak, Christine Crossey Engineering Ltd Business Development and Marketing Manager North York ON CANADA
Scaini , Frances Brampton ON CANADA
Schliemann, Udo Entro Toronto ON CANADA
Scott, Charles Malcolm Caber Media President Brampton ON CANADA
Sellors, Laura Entro Partner Toronto ON CANADA
Sendrowicz, Katherine Projekt Studio Architects Inc. Director / Owner York ON CANADA
Serre, Bryant Ryerson University Toronto ON CANADA
Shah, Bindu City of Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
Shahab, Zoobia Brampton ON CANADA
Sham, Marievic Manulife Toronto ON CANADA
Sharma, Anubhav Schulich School of Business Student Toronto ON CANADA
Silverman, Shimmy Ryerson University Student Toronto ON CANADA
Silverstein, Elliot CentreCourt Developments Inc. Toronto ON CANADA
Simova, Desi City of Toronto Toronto ON CANADA
Singh, Kanwar Puneet (KP) Meridian Credit Union Senior Relationship Manager- Real Estate Brampton ON CANADA
Singh, Shammy Brampton ON CANADA
singh, utkarsh Ryerson University Student Toronto ON CANADA
Sinnock, Herbert Sheridan College Director - Sustainability Oakville ON CANADA
Smirnova, Marina Ryerson University Toronto ON CANADA
Soos, Diana City of Brampton Deputy City Solicitor Toronto ON CANADA
Soriano, Nhel Grayson City of Brampton Planner - Project Assistant, Riverwalk Office Mississauga ON CANADA
Staff, HPA Hariri Pontarini Architects Architect Toronto ON CANADA
Stanley, Aiden City of Mississauga Toronto ON CANADA
Steiger, Bernie City of Brampton Manager, Development Services Subdivision Approval Brampton ON CANADA
Stokes, Lisa BikeBrampton Brampton ON CANADA
Stokes, Lisa BikeBrampton Brampton ON CANADA
Stokes, Michael Citizen of Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
Strati, Heather Deloitte Private Partner Vaughan ON CANADA
Svirplys-Howe, Larissa Region of Peel Manager, Development Services Georgetown ON CANADA
SYeD, HiMY Vancouver BC CANADA
Taggart, Brett CBRE Salesperson North York ON CANADA
Tatarovic, Andjela Battaglia Architect Inc Design Professional Richmond Hill ON CANADA
Tauriello, Sarah Tough Times Tabloid Mississauga ON CANADA
Taylor, Laura York University Faculty of Environmental Studies Associate Professor North York ON CANADA
Tega, Nathaniel Brampton ON CANADA
Thornham, Pauline Brampton ON CANADA
TU, KRISTY Stantec Toronto ON CANADA
Twigg, David Town of Milton Senior Planner Milton ON CANADA
Uppal, Ben Fox Contracing Ltd. Business Development Manager Etobicoke ON CANADA
Urbain, Matthieu Crown Property Mangement Inc. Analyst, Invesments Toronto ON CANADA
van Nostrand, John Parecel Developments/ SvN Architects + Planners Toronto ON CANADA
Vanden Heuvel, JP Brampton ON CANADA
Vanderberg, David City of Brampton Brampton ON CANADA
Verwaayen, Bianca G Ryerson University Student Toronto ON CANADA
Volpe, William Buckhorn ON CANADA
Volpintesta, Matthew City of Brampton Coordinator, Park Planning Maple ON CANADA
Vraets, Lauren City of Burlington Planner Burlington ON CANADA
Walker, Deborah Markham Public Library Director, Library Strategy Markham ON CANADA
Ward, Dylan Toronto ON CANADA
Webber, Douglas Purpose Building Inc Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Wedderburn, Duran Region of Peel Principal Planner Oakville ON CANADA
Wieskopf, Jennifer Toronto ON CANADA
Williams, Brandon Mississauga ON CANADA
Williams, James Brampton ON CANADA
Winstanley, Marena Evergreen - Future Cities Canada Future Cities Canada Toronto ON CANADA
Wong, Eunice EY Toronto ON CANADA
Wong, Sharon City of Brampton Urban Design Intern Brampton ON CANADA
Wood, Kristina Aiwell Water AS Consulent VEAR NORWAY
Wu, Leo Adi Development Group Burlington CANADA
Wywrot, Michal LCH Developments Partner Toronto ON CANADA
Yari, Manzure University of Toronto Brampton ON CANADA
Yeung, Philip Town of Ajax Planner/Landscape Architect Ajax ON CANADA
Yeung, Yvonne City of Brampton Manager, Urban Design Markham ON CANADA
Yim, Raymon NAK Design Strategies Toronto ON CANADA
Yorke, Mike Carpenters Local 27 President Woodbridge ON CANADA
Young, Darryl York Region Sustainable Transportation Specialist Newmarket ON CANADA
Zawadzki, Marek ZAS Architects Inc. Senior Principal Toronto ON CANADA
Zbogar, Henrik City of Brampton Senior Manager, Transportation Planning Brampton ON CANADA
Zhuang, Zhixi Ryerson University Associate Professor Toronto ON CANADA