ULI Indiana - Real Estate Trends 2020

January 23, 2020
Indiana State Museum
650 W Washington ST
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2725 
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Minicozzi Joe
Organization: Urban3, LLC

A sought-after lecturer on city planning issues, Joe founded Urban3 in 2011 to explain market dynamics created by tax and land use policies, and to help communities improve their financial position through urban design. Joe has worked in government, real estate development, and finance, and has served as the executive director of Asheville’s Downtown Association. In 2017, he was named one of P

Warren Andrew
Organization: PwC Management Services LP

Andrew Warren, Andy, currently serves as the PwC’s Director of Real Estate Research. As the Director of Real Estate Research, and is responsible for monitoring all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, including space market fundamentals, capital market trends, regulatory changes and operational developments. For the past seven years, Andy has led PwC’s participation in the developme

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